Practical Christionics
Shaking the earth (and water)

With the recent earthquakes in Chile, Argentina, Haiti, Okinawa, and elsewhere, I am reminded of 'THE BIG ONE' coming as part of the last judgment upon the earth. This one will rearrange the geological landscape tremendously (Revelation 16:20). That disfiguring of the then-known earth will be bad enough physically, but one finds that there usually is something of great spiritual significance associated with these earthquakes.

I'll give two examples: the first from the Old Testament. In 1 Kings 19, we find an anointed prophet cowering for fear of his life. Lord wants to talk to Elijah on His terms. So God uses a strong wind, an EARTHQUAKE, a fire, and then a gentle blowing. God finally had Elijah's attention. The great spiritual events turned out to be the anointing of two kings and a new prophet, Elisha. As it turns out, a double portion of Elijah's considerable anointing is placed upon Elisha as recorded in the first 17 chapters of 2 Kings.

The second example comes from the New Testament. When Jesus was crucified, Matthew 27:27-56 records that the earth shook and those watching Jesus die understood that "Truly this was the Son of God!". Again, from a physical perspective, this is scary enough, but spiritually it was the prelude announcement that DEATH will be conquered and Jesus would COME TO LIFE again (Matthew 28). Note that Matthew 28:2 records that a severe earthquake had occurred.

In past discussions, we have put forth a view that water is a container of spirits. The Flood, in part, became the container of the people's spirits who drowned (Genesis 6-8).

Of the recent earthquakes, how many are near bodies of water? Tsunami from an underwater earthquake can bring death to nearby landmasses. Is this a coincidence or ..........?

Given these two scriptural examples above and the recent earthquakes this year, one wonders what momentous spiritual event is in the near future? Perhaps, that momentous spiritual event will be very personal.