On the Other Hand, 'the Right Hand'

   During the years of teaching "the Revelation of Jesus Christ", I have been struck by the precision of the visions. I also pointed out that in our everyday human activities, we often do tasks with our hand (either left or right) and never give it a throught what 'the other hand is doing'. For example, if you unlock a door, your hand inserts the key into the lock, unlocks the door, and the key is retracted from the lock. During this time, what is the other hand doing? In this example, the other hand may be on the door knob ready to open the door, or it may be in your pocket, or ____?

   In our discussion, today, we see the RIGHT hand being used. In Chapters 1 and 2, the right hand belongs to Jesus Christ. His RIGHT hand is holding 7 stars which are the seven angels/messengers to the churches. John, the Revelator, is so overcome by the vision he sees that he falls like a dead man at Jesus' feet. Then that RIGHT hand, stars and all, touches John with words of comfort, "DO NOT BE AFRAID; I AM THE FIRST AND THE LAST,...." The Revelation of the power and authority of Jesus Christ's RIGHT HAND hits us very personally. Jesus Christ TOUCHES those who believe these words with a divine COMFORT.

   All this involves Jesus' RIGHT HAND. What do you think Jesus' LEFT HAND was doing during this time?

   Now, let's look at the RIGHT HAND referenced in Chapter 5. This is God's RIGHT HAND. Again, we see that God has the authority and power to impose His will upon the earth. He, God, is on the throne and holds the scroll/book containing the judgments soon to be released upon  the earth. Many of us believe that the breaking of these seven seals will take place any day now (Revelation 1:3 and Revelation 22:10). We need to be prepared!

   And Jesus comes and takes the book/scroll from God's RIGHT HAND. Jesus is the only one who can do this since He conquered death. (Revelation 1: 18) and is ALIVE for ever more. Praise Him!

   Now I wonder what was God's LEFT HAND doing during this time?  As we have read, there appears to be mysteries surrounding what the RIGHT HAND (and the LEFT HAND too) are doing (Revelation 1:20). We may never know.......not that it matters.

   Part 2 of "On the Other Hand", we will consider the MARKED HAND, and this discussion DOES MATTER!