Format of Letters to the Seven Churches

Each letter has the following format. The sections may be shuffled around but they are there in each letter. Look for them.

1. Directive - Each letter starts with a directive like "Unto the angel......write". The angel is not the pastor or leader but rather the guardian of the letter.
2. Identification of Sender - Christ is identified as the sender usually through a reference to some part of His appearance in chapter 1.
3. Knowledge of Church - The sender has knowledge of the church. It has the form of "I know what you have done...." or something similar.
4. Comment or Exhortation - This section of the letter directs the church to strive toward more perfection.
5. Promised Coming - This promise (or threat) will be carried out by Christ himself.
6. "Hear and Heed" - The Revelation was most often read to an audience in times past. So the "hearer" should perk up and listen. More than that, to do the desired action such as repent!
7. Promised Blessing - The blessing is given "to him that overcomes..." the temptation or persecution. This blessing, though, is ONLY available to the faithful ones.


References to the Revelation of Jesus Christ are in bold italics. All other references are in bold only

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