The New Jerusalem's Lighting System, Revelation Chapter 21 Verses 22-27 (NASB)

    And I saw NO TEMPLE in it, for the Lord God, THE ALMIGHTY, and THE LAMB, are its TEMPLE.
It is amazing to me the continuity within just this one book of the Bible. After all the visions and judgments, we are consoled that the Lord God who is in control at the beginning, still is in control here at the end. We find the use of the Lord God's full title here, THE ALMIGHTY, just we as we were greeted with this title at the beginning of the Revelation (Revelation 1:8).

In this verse, we find John looking for the TEMPLE and not finding it. If one has traveled any around the world, no matter what country you are in, you recognize the places of worship rather quickly. It doesn't matter whether you are in a Moslem country, a Christian/Catholic country, or Buddhist country. The 'temple' is usually easy to spot. Here, however, John can't find the TEMPLE. Apparently, John didn't realize that the residents themselves are the TEMPLE (1 Corinthians 3:16-17 and 1 Corinthians 6:12-19-20).

In a way, when John originally wrote that Christ is the true vine (John 15:1-17), John didn't fully comprehend what "abiding in" meant. It appears to be such a fundamental concept of the new Jerusalem that it may be one of the foundation stones in verse 14. In this sin-tainted present earth age, we certainly don't understand this union. It remains for us to reach the new Jerusalem before we will understand what it means to be fully integrated. We are in Christ. Christ is in us. This is just as it should be between a husband and wife (verse 9 and Genesis 2:18-23-24-25).
    And THE CITY has NO NEED of the SUN or of the MOON to shine upon it,
Here we see a clear difference between the old Jerusalem (present earth) and the new Jerusalem (CITY). Presently, the earth needs SUNlight for its existence and our survival. The MOON really isn't needed for survival except perhaps for romantics.

Even before the present sun and moon were created (Genesis 1:14-19), there was light (Genesis 1:3-5). Similarly, there may have be a light for the new Jerusalem, but as this verse shows, there is NO NEED for the SUN or the MOON as far as a light source.
    for (1) the GLORY of GOD has illumined it, and
We know from this verse that the GLORY of GOD (Revelation 21:9-11) is sufficient to illuminate the CITY. Symbolically, the GLORY of GOD is sufficient to illuminate our spiritual man.
    (2) its lamp is THE LAMB.
When Jesus walked on this earth, He clearly states the He is the LIGHT (John 8:12-20). Not only that, true followers of Jesus will have the LIGHT of life. Paul confirms that believers on this earth when they walk as children of light, expose the darkness (evil) to what is the fruit of the light consisting of all goodness and righteousness and truth (Ephesians 5:1-8-14). When these children of light are translated to the new Jerusalem (CITY), they as the Bride (verse 9) will continue to glow with the Light of Life (John 8:12).

From this verse, one could almost think the CITY is really one massive light source. Yet we know that it has physical dimensions (verse 15).

Sidenote: It is no accident that Einstein's ratio of energy to mass is proportional to the speed of LIGHT squared. While we can't say that the CITY adheres to "Einstein's physics", it is obvious that there is a relationship between matter and energy even in the new CITY. After all, it is the same GOD who made both the old earth and the new earth (verse 1).
    And THE NATIONS shall walk by its light,
The angel (verse 9) had directed our attention to new Jerusalem, THE CITY, and we became so involved that we have forgotten all about the new earth. Suddenly, John says that there are NATIONS. And these NATIONS shall walk or go about their business by the light of THE CITY. Considering how large THE CITY is (verse 16), it is understandable that a lot of light is given off especially since it is GLORY-OF-GOD powered (verse 11).

Now let's look at whom are THE NATIONS? Several commentaries point out that the root word here translated as NATIONS often is translated as 'Gentiles'. It is unclear whether 'Gentiles' here means non Jewish or non CITY residents. And where did these Gentiles come from?  It is not told here what the origins of THE NATIONS might be. Purely by speculation, one could make an argument that the population at the end of the Millennial period who did not become deceived by the devil (Revelation 20:7,8) are translated to the new earth from their Millennial homes. Recall, the deceived people were burned (Revelation 20:9). These people are "saved" ones but not in the same sense as the BRIDE (the church) (verse 9).
    and THE KINGS of the earth shall bring their glory into it.
The leadership among the populace of the new earth are here denoted as KINGS. It is not clear what 'their glory' might be. Perhaps, in a sense, we are seeing the garden of Eden all over again as it was BEFORE Adam and Eve fell for the devil's ploy (Genesis 2:4-15-25). One can assume that nakedness on the new earth will be OK too. As in the garden of Eden before the fall, there is nothing to be ashamed of in the new earth either (Revelation 3:18). It is left to the reader to determine what the opposite of ashamed is. Whatever that is, that is what THE KINGS bring into THE CITY. This verse calls it 'their glory'. There are clues in Revelation 4:8-11, Revelation 5:8-14, and Revelation 7:9-12-17.

Read Isaiah 60 and see how much of this verse you see in that chapter?
    And in the DAYTIME (for there shall be NO NIGHT THERE)
We are back to THE CITY once again; previous verse and next verse relate to what is outside THE CITY. But we now return to THE CITY.

Imagine no darkness ever in THE CITY. That is what this verse indicates. Symbolically, darkness (or no night), while not intrinsically not evil itself, has been used to denote the absence of the presence of God and His blessings (John 9:1-4-12, John 12:27-35-36, and 1 Thessalonians 5:2-4-11). The idea that there in NO NIGHT THERE apparently is so amazing to John that he repeats it in Revelation 22:5. There is an interesting sidelight to the absence of NIGHT. In effect a perpetual day removes the concept of time. On present earth, we set time by the earth's rotation in and out of the sun's light. Even the Jewish Sabbath starts at sundown. However in THE CITY, it is always noon! This confirms that THE CITY is an eternal, forever and ever, CITY.
    its GATES shall NEVER be closed;
The GATES being open perpetually show that there is no evil around. Furthermore, there is free access to THE CITY by "new earthlings" (nations - next verse). On this present earth, we have become so used to evil being around, we have difficulty imagining THE CITY without evil. Walk around your house. How many things do you have (locks, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, safes, bars on windows, security fences, firearms, and so on) to thwart evil?

Open GATES also indicate unhindered communication with God. There will not be any "withstanding" like the messenger faced in Daniel 10:10-13-17. There is no need to shut these GATES. The interesting question then is what will you and I say to God at that time? Consider your present prayers; how will they change in the presence of God? Maybe we ought to be practicing praying now like we will communicate with God in THE CITY. It's just a thought.
    and they shall bring THE GLORY and THE HONOR of THE NATIONS into it;
Oh my, the answer to the question posed in verse 24 is found right here. The opposite of ashamed is THE GLORY and THE HONOR. While verse 24 clearly states that the kings brought THE GLORY into THE CITY, here 'they' is generally interpreted as the total populace of THE NATIONS. Now THE GLORY and THE HONOR admittedly are very spiritual items, but then THE CITY is a very special spiritual place.

On a more theological vein, some scholars point out that in order for THE NATIONS to bring THE GLORY and THE HONOR into THE CITY, they must pass through THE GATES (Jewish nation - verse 12). This may be what Zechariah's final prophesy is all about (Zechariah 14:16-21). It also explains why a country as small as Israel holds such a commanding place in world news. Even mere earthlings today sense the importance of Israel.
    and nothing UNCLEAN
Other translations use the word 'defiled' instead of UNCLEAN; so let's look at what 'defiles' a man:
his words
Matthew 15:1-11-18-20
with whom he worships or what he worships Acts 21:27-28-30
the eternal cleansing of Christ's blood is denied
Hebrews 9:11-13-14
    and no one who practices abomination and lying, shall EVER COME INTO IT
Out of the list of persons who are in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone (verse 8), the abominable and liars are singled out here. This shows these two kinds of sin are especially abhorrent to God. The abominable show by their deeds that they don't believe in Jesus Christ (Titus 1:15-16). The liars because they are the opposite of THE TRUTH (one of the names of Jesus Christ - John 14:1-6-11) can't come anywhere near to 'IT', the new Jerusalem (THE CITY). THE TRUTH and His wife live in the new Jerusalem (verse 2).
It is appropriate here to restate our understanding about the BOOK OF LIFE. Everyone's name is written into the BOOK OF LIFE at the conception of that unique life. As that life is lived, sin is committed by that life (Romans 3:21-23-31). The Lamb then erases that life's name from the BOOK OF LIFE (Revelation 3:5). The life, when it accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and holds (overcomes - verse 7) onto that commitment, has that life's name restored to the BOOK OF LIFE by the Lamb. It is our choice to be in the BOOK OF LIFE; it is Christ's choice of your eternal residency, all because of where your NAME is written. If your name is NOT in the BOOK OF LIFE, you are doomed (Revelation 20:15). If your name is in the BOOK OF LIFE, you are a resident (inheritor - verse 7) of the new Jerusalem, THE CITY.
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