18:10standing at a distance because of the fear of her torment, saying, 'Woe, woe, the great city, Babylon, the strong city! For in one hour your judgment has come.'

standing at a distance because of the FEAR of her TORMENT, saying,

The leadership of the earth suddenly experience the gnawing ache of failure and loss of control for they realize they had put their trust in material wealth and social programs. With the impending collapse of the global economic system, their FEARS are well founded because the antiChrist's government just does not have the resources or isn't willing to share the resources to maintain their comfortable style of living.

Symbolically, the religious leaders have learned how to use capitalistic materialism to "grow" the church. Instead of depending upon God's vast resources, these religious leaders have devised one program/promotion after the other to grow the church. Amazingly, this was one area that really irked Jesus (John 2:13-25 and Mark 11:15-19). Many churches and denominations will collapse when the global economy collapses. And even worse, these religious leaders DID NOT TRAIN their followers how to survive in God's economic system (Matthew 19:16-21-30).


The leadership of the earth realize that the great global economic system, too, is a very fragile system. To the masses with the mark of the beast, the economic world is STRONG and will provide all their needs. They have believed the beast and the authority that he has (Revelation 13:7). Here, the leadership becomes FEARFULLY aware this global economic system could collapse; hence the WOE, WOE. Later, the merchants (verse 16) and the distribution channel operators (verse 19) realize it too.


Again, the precision of the Revelation's timing is amazing. In ONE HOUR, the collapse of all that maintains the global economies occurs. In spite of the many interconnections of the Internet, the infrastructure has been so degraded due to the seal (chapter 6), trumpet (chapter 8), and bowl (chapter 16) judgments, the technicians have not been able to keep up with the repairs. Ultimately, in ONE HOUR, all these computer systems needed for electronic funds transfers, account processing, and credit processing are silenced. Satellites above silently circle the globe. Yes, even this study probably will be silenced due to a possible solar storm and an earth's weakening magnetic fielda.

Symbolically, the religious leaders have failed to teach how believers should live (Philippians 4:10-19-20).

aDavidson, Ben, "Weatherman's Guide to the Sun", 3rd edition, p.233ff