Practical Christionics
When the harlot comes knocking

As the category, Practical Christionics, implies, these thought ticklers will be directed at Group 1 people (see previous discussion, Where do you live?) for the most part. We ended the previous discussion saying that the individual lifestyle will reflect whether the person has chosen to follow Jesus Christ, the Revealed One, or not.

Once you become a believer, you will be faced with some interesting choices. It is clear from today's verse, Revelation 17:15, that the harlot is directly involved in governments worldwide. There is a point, and perhaps we are seeing it fast approaching, when world governments will essentially be in control of people's lives. From a political view, this is called socialism. Much of Europe is becoming socialistic in form. With the recent elections in the United States, that tendency is continuing. The peoples of the world are becoming dependent on their government to provide everything. Sadly, this is contrary to what the scriptures teach. Practical Christionics believers put their faith and trust in God, and not in their governments (Philippians 4:1-6-9). Furthermore, believers will share whatever material things God provides with those who have less than they have (Luke 18:18-22-30).

So strong is the need for "security" in having possessions or being able to acquire possessions that people will take the mark of the beast in order to be able to buy or sell (Revelation 13:17). Apparently, many so-called believers in organized churches will be willing to take the mark. Otherwise, there would not be a need to call out "my people" from the churches (Revelation 18:4 and 5). Is the church you are attending playing "footsie" with the harlot?

So the question then becomes: when the harlot comes knocking (your government providing you with all your needs, or personal bailout), what is your response? How many different ways are you dependent upon your government rather than upon your God? Or maybe your government has become your God? The Revelation indicates that people will make their choice.................