Practical Christionics
DEMONs in the house.

Late in the tribulation period, the devil and his angels, DEMONs, will be removed from heaven and forced to live on the earth (Revelation 12:9). While considering this portion of scripture, the thought occurred to me, "How will people on the earth know that a much larger attack of evil was about to happen?" For that matter, "How do we recognize DEMONs?"

Apparently, people who are being directed by one or more DEMONs don't even know they are around. That is how complete the deception is by these DEMONs.

If you are a true believer in Jesus Christ and suspect that the person you are talking to is DEMONICLY-directed, try quoting scripture to that person. The scripture will be received by a true believer as edification; a DEMONICLY-directed person will react in several ways. In extreme cases, the face will contort and the voice will change. The DEMON can use the person's voice to talk back to you. In subtle cases, the person will start talking a steady stream. They will try to talk their way out of the confrontation with Authority. There usually isn't physical contact with you as you approach the person (Luke 4:31-37). However, besides the talking, the DEMON-directed person may show physical violence toward themselves (Mark 9:14-29 for example).

Likewise, DEMONs apparently need water to live in (Matthew 12:38-43-45). Given the human body is mostly water, there is a relationship between DEMONs and WATER.  This relationship will be explored in the next newsletter.

Lastly, a comment on the title, "DEMONs in the house". The Luke 4:31-37 portion of scripture uses the house analogy of a room being swept clean. This is clearly an individual  "house". A collection of individuals could bring a whole host of DEMONs together at the same time, and this could be the source of the seven additional DEMONs who move into the swept room. This is a topic for discussion another time.